“Building with HomEdge has been a great experience! We are so pleased with our new home and would recommend HomEdge to anyone who is considering building a custom home.” – Scott & Kim Lissoway

“My husband and I decided to build our dream home, this was not our first time building, but about halfway through the building process I realized in order for this to be stress-free as possible I needed to enlist the help of a designer.

A friend referred me to Sharra, co-owner of HomEdge, and I knew after my first conversation with Sharra that she was the one to help me.

Anyone can pick colours but with Sharra’s help my kids were able to have bedrooms that reflected their own unique personality. From the bright pink and green, to the soft-hued purple-blue paint, each room in my home flows with the overall design of the house yet is still unique to each personality. Anyone who has built before knows there are a thousand choices out there and with all these choices come decisions, decisions, decisions. Sharra was able to narrow down the choices which in turn made the decisions easier to make. There were times when none of the choices seemed to fit what I had in mind and that was when Sharra would keep searching to find me the right product.

Sadly, my husband passed away before the completion of our dream home and that was when Sharra really stepped up to the plate. She was there to answer any question I had. She made designs of the rooms that showed where each piece of furniture was to be placed which made moving in go a whole lot smoother.

Even though HomEdge did not build my house I know that Sharra took my project on with the same pride and dedication she would of if the sign in front had said Built By HomEdge. Anyone can build a house but Sharra makes the houses that HomEdge builds a home from the moment you move in. Grande Prairie has never seen a building team with the professionalism, intellect and resources that Homedge has to offer. They put their heart into every house they touch, whether it’s from the ground up or a complete reno project. Thank you, HomEdge.” – Jennifer McQuaig

“Through your efforts, we have an extremely well built home with many attractive features. Your attention to detail and high quality standards are very much appreciated. You have taken into consideration features we desired and added your own special touches.

You have been very fair and honest in dealing with the changes we have made. Should any of your future clients wish to see the final product of your efforts, or wish to talk directly with us, let us know.”- Jim & Sylvia Coughlin

“When we decided to build our dream home, we took quite some time and did a fair amount of research prior to interviewing HomEdge. With so much media and television focus on contractors building homes to the bare minimum code and missing the obvious, we really wanted to be sure that the money we were investing was well spent, and that we had a home that would age without unforeseen problems. We were not at all disappointed with HomEdge. They sourced and researched the latest technologies and building practices, informed us of the impact of our decisions, and helped us weigh the pros and cons of each choice. From the very beginning, they addressed every concern we had, included us in all of the decisions that had to be made, and we feel that as a result, this home is much more than the end product you see.

One of the perks to building with HomEdge was the exceptional talent on staff. It was like ‘one stop shopping’! We were able to have our home plans drawn by the very person overseeing the job, which ensured fluidity of the build because we had the source on the job at all times. Not to mention we had an exceptionally talented interior designer who helped us through everything from exterior cladding to final blind selection, and everything in between! As a result, everything in the home pulls together wit the look and feel we had in mind.

From beginning to end, HomEdge was conscious of our overall vision, and guided us through the process of making that vision a reality…When there were unforeseen circumstances with our project, HomEdge dug right in to problem solve, and were always able to come up with a solution to ensure our home was completed to the highest standard. There were never any “hidden” expenses. We were always kept well informed of possible project overruns, and given options prior to making a decision.

HomEdge did an excellent job with helping us pull third parties into the project without a hitch. At the same time we were completing our home, we were able to have a fully integrated audio/visual system installed, yard fully landscaped, a sprinkler system installed, our driveway paved, and blinds installed all with the coordination of the HomEdge team.

We are so proud to tell people we built with HomEdge. Their professionalism and talents far exceeded our expectations, and through the entire process we felt confident and comfortable that the builder we chose was the right one! Our dream home in our heads is now our dream home in real life, and it really is thanks to the hard work of Steve and Sharra and their HomEdge team, who pulled it together. Thank you so much!”- Corey Sawchuk and Amanda Conly