Selecting Your Builder


Select someone who is able to see and understand your vision. Do they share your enthusiasm? Do they encourage your ideas and participation?


Ensure you receive a detailed list of specifications associated with your building costs. Review every detail with the builder so there are no surprises at a later date. Are there any exclusions to the contract and are they defined clearly in the contract? If allowances are provided for certain items within the home, evaluate to ensure that the allowances are sufficient to meet your vision or requests.  Ask to visit a home the builder has completed that is finished to the same specification level.


Are you able to make changes at a later date and how are changes handled? What is the process for changes during construction?


Does the builder offer any value added services such as architectural and interior design consultation? What is the builder’s selection process? Does the builder assist in selections with suppliers or is it the home owners responsibility to make selections on their own?


Ask the builder for a list of references and to speak with existing clients.  Ask previous clients if they would build with the company again? Were they pleased with the outcome of their home and the quality of construction? Were they able to make changes easily throughout the build and how were changes handled? Did the builder meet their expectations and provide service after construction?


Does the builder belong to organizations such as the Canadian Home Builder’s Association? Do they offer Alberta New Home Warranty?


What is the builder’s experience and education within the construction industry? Do they specialize in custom home building and/or spec construction? Does the builder stay current and participate in furthering their education in current building trends and materials?